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About Us

Welcome to GX Bags – Your trusted source for eco-friendly solutions!

At GX Bags, we are proud to be an Australian-owned and operated family business with over two decades of expertise in providing sustainable, eco-friendly bag solutions. As one of the leading suppliers of environmentally conscious bags in Australia, we are committed to offering high-quality products that align with our passion for preserving the planet.

Our Journey:

With a history spanning more than 20 years and two generations, GX Bags has been at the forefront of the eco-friendly bag business since the industry’s inception. We are a family business and offer our clients personalised service and attention throughout their ordering process and after their order has been delivered. We are passionate about preserving our planet’s diverse ecosystems and our commitment to sustainability drives every aspect of our business, from the materials we use to our manufacturing processes.

Specialising in Eco-Friendly Materials:

We pride ourselves on our selection of natural and sustainable materials, known for their durability, versatility, and minimal environmental impact.


Our range includes:

  • Jute/Hessian, known for its robust and eco-friendly properties;

  • Juco, a durable premium blend of jute and cotton;

  • Calico/Cotton, which offers a softer, more versatile option;

  • Canvas, valued for its strength and longevity; and

  • Non-Woven Polypropylene, a lighter, resilient and cost effective option.


Each material is carefully chosen for its minimal environmental impact and ability to be transformed into a variety of stylish, durable bags.

Customised Solutions for Your Brand:

We take pride in offering custom-made environmentally friendly bags. Tailored to your specifications, businesses can choose images/logos, the shape, construction, size, colour, type of handle, and more for their custom bags. From shopping bags and cooler bags to cotton bags and grocery produce bags, we cater to a diverse range of needs, allowing companies to showcase their brand with pride.

Ready-to-Order Designer Range:


In addition to our bespoke, customisable bag options, GX Bags is delighted to offer a diverse selection of ready-to-purchase bags, featuring our unique, regularly updated designs. Our Bags In Stock collection includes a variety of styles such as small and large shopping bags, seasonal bags, cooler bags, charming honey bee bags, practical jar bags, and kids colouring bags, among others. These bags are immediately available for retailers throughout Australia, providing a quick and convenient solution to meet your immediate needs. Crafted with the same commitment to quality and sustainability, our designer range is perfect for businesses seeking high-quality, eco-friendly bags without the wait.

Beyond Bags – Environmentally Friendly Essentials:

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond bags. We supply an array of eco-friendly essentials, including aprons, laundry baskets, pillow cases, banners, and more. In addition, we can also supply jute and hessian materials and solutions for agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors. Each product is designed to contribute to a greener planet while maintaining the high quality and durability our customers have come to expect.

Global Manufacturing, Local Impact:

Our bags are manufactured in India, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern, eco-friendly practices. The result is a range of high-quality products that not only meet but exceed industry standards. We take pride in providing environmentally conscious businesses across various sectors – supermarkets, hospitality, food markets, government departments, sporting organisations, trade fairs, shopping centres, schools, churches, real estate, car dealerships, and businesses of all sizes – with sustainable solutions.

Ethical Trade:

Our factories are regularly audited to ensure ethical work practices and that they meet the various global accreditation standards (please see our Accreditation page for more details). We are passionate about not only caring for the environment but also the people involved in the manufacture of our products.

Customer-Centric Approach:

At GX Bags, we value open communication. If you have any questions or enquiries, we encourage you to reach out to us by phone on 0433 121 179 or email us at Our dedicated team is here to assist you and ensure your experience with us is seamless.

Building a Greener Future Together:

We are passionate about the environment and actively collaborate with businesses to offer high-quality, reusable, and environmentally friendly bag options. By choosing GX Bags, you are not just making a purchase; you are contributing to a sustainable future.

Thank you for considering GX Bags as your eco-friendly partner. Join us in making a positive impact on our planet, one bag at a time.

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