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Custom Hessian Bags Wholesale

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Custom Hessian Bags: Redefining Style with Sustainability

In today's eco-conscious society, Jute bags have rapidly gained popularity across Australia due to their robustness, environment-friendliness, and sustainability. At GX Bags, we offer hessian bags in bulk that seamlessly blend classic style with environmental responsibility. Our custom hessian bags are crafted using natural and renewable jute plant fibres and guarantee timeless elegance and durability.


As the leading hessian bags supplier in Australia, we offer our hessian bags at wholesale prices to help your brand stand out with a unique identity while promoting environmental consciousness.

Discover the Beauty of Custom Hessian Bags


Whether you're a retailer looking for the ideal packaging solution or a business in need of robust and eco-friendly storage options, our hessian bags, available for bulk ordering, are your answer. We offer an extensive range of sizes and styles, perfect for any need. These rustic and versatile bags can be personalised to your liking, making them an excellent choice for brand promotion and special events.

Quality Crafted for Longevity


Our commitment to quality knows no bounds. When you choose GX Bags, you choose hessian bags that are engineered to last, providing both durability and sustainability in a single package. Our custom hessian bags can withstand repeated use and carry heavy items without tearing or shredding, making them the perfect choice for customers who demand long-lasting, eco-friendly solutions.

Our Diverse Clientele For Hessian Bags in Australia


Our clientele for custom hessian bags includes a wide range of businesses and organisations in Australia:

  • Retailers

  • Grocery stores

  • Event organisers

  • Corporate clients

  • Wholesalers and distributors

  • Non-profit organisations

  • Anyone who values style, durability, and sustainability in their Hessian bags in Australia

The GX Bags Difference

  • A Statement for a Greener World

When you choose our custom Hessian bags, you can be sure they are made from 100% jute, a natural and biodegradable fibre. We use only the best jute sourced from ethical vendors, where jute is grown sustainably and harvested with respect for the environment.

  • Customise Your Style

Get ready to showcase your elegance with our wide range of Hessian bags in Australia. Explore a diverse collection of sizes, shapes, and styles that align with your unique vision. Whether it's a classic shopping bag, a trendy cooler bag, or a personalised masterpiece, express yourself with our customisable options.

  • Branding That Stands the Test of Time 

Elevate your brand's visibility with our Hessian bags, available at wholesale prices. These stylish and sustainable bags serve as the perfect canvas for your logo, tagline, or artwork, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

  • Beyond Business Boundaries 

As one of the leading Hessian bags suppliers in Australia, we design our bags in a way that caters to businesses of all sizes. From promotional giveaways to corporate gifts, these versatile bags flawlessly embody your eco-friendly corporate identity.

  • Hassle-Free Bulk Orders

You can easily order our Hessian bags in bulk without having to worry about the hassle of logistics. We make sure to deliver your orders on time so you can rest assured that you're getting only the best from us.

  • Quality That Lasts

Our Hessian bags in Australia undergo extensive quality checks to guarantee their sturdiness and durability. These ergonomic bags feature reinforced seams, giving them both strength and longevity.

  • Supporting the Australian Market 

As an Australian-owned and operated business, we deeply understand the local market's unique demands. Count on us to provide top-quality Hessian bags at wholesale prices that are tailored to the specific needs of Australian businesses.


Sustainable Elegance Redefined: Custom Hessian Bags for You


By choosing custom Hessian bags from GX Bags, you can make a statement that shows your commitment to sustainability. Our bags are made from 100% biodegradable jute, making them the perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic and paper packaging.

Take your brand to new heights and embrace sustainability in Australia with our wide range of custom Hessian bags. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements, and let us help you make a lasting impression with the beauty of jute.

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