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Custom Bags Wholesale

Customise Your Choice!

Every bag can be fully tailored to your brand's unique style.

Want your logo, specific colours, or a different size? We've got you covered.

Please visit our Contact Us for general enquiries.

Alternatively, please feel free to call us on 0433 121 179 or email us at

For wholesale enquiries, please click on GET A QUOTE.

Shopping Bags With Logo

Drawstring Bags

Packaging and Display Bags

Cosmetic Bags

Reusable Bags

Custom Cooler Bags

Wine Bottle Bags

Backpacks and Handbags

Pencil Cases

Promotional Cotton Bags

Grocery Produce Bags

Travel and Tech Bags

Xmas and Easter

8 steps to creating the perfect custom bag!

Step 1: Type of Bag

Promo Bags.png

Promo Bags

Durable, Eco-Friendly, Everyday Use

Cooler Bags.png

Cooler Bags

Keep Cool, Insulated Lining, Zipper

Other Bags.png

Other Bags

Drawstring, Backpacks, Wine and More

Step 2: Material



Durable, Natural Appeal, Textured



Premium, Jute Cotton Blend, Smooth



Soft, Versatile, Lightweight



Sturdy, Heavy-Duty, Reliable

Non Woven.png

Non Woven

Lightweight, Cost-Effective, Strong

Mixture of Materials.png

Mixture of Materials

Innovative, Tailored, Multifunctional

Step 3: Gussets

A gusset is the extra piece of fabric at the sides and bottom of a bag, giving it more depth and space. 

With Gussets.png

With Gussets

Without Gussets.png

Without Gussets

Step 4: Dimensions

Flat Cooler Bag

35 x 35 x 16cm

Small Gift Bag

28 x 14 x 32cm

Large Shopping Bag

42.5 x 19 x 34cm

Wide Tote Bag

42 x 30cm

Large Cooler Bag

37 x 15 x 37cm

Standard Shopping Bag

37 x 17 x 33cm

Standard Tote Bag

37 x 41cm

Standard Cooler Bag

37 x 20 x 33cm

**Or choose your own dimensions!**

Step 5: Handle Types and Length

Medium Rope Handle

Long Flat Handle

Small Cut Out Handle

Drawstring Handle

Small Cane Handle

Extra Long Flat Handle

Extended Flat Handle

Short Flat Handle

Long Rounded Handle

Medium Leather Handle

Thick Rope Handle

Short Rounded Handle

**Other handle types/lengths also available – get creative!**

Step 6: Colours

Material Colour.jpg

Material Colour

Handle Colour.jpg

Handle Colour

Gusset Colour.jpg

Gusset Colour

**Go all natural, select any colour you want, or even mix and match!**

Step 7: Print Locations



Top Lid.png

Top Lid

Side Gussets.png

Side Gussets



**Showcase your brand on any part of the bag!**

Step 8: Branding Design

**Send us your logo/design and we can prepare a mock image for you!**

Optional Extras






Pom Poms


Lid/Top Flap

Bar Code

Pockets Inside/Outside

Plastic Clear Windows


Bag Lining


Your imagination is the limit – our specialty is turning your bag ideas into reality!
Send us your logo/design for a quote.

Need more information? 
Contact us on 0433 121 179 or

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